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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

25th March 2013 by admin

Congratulations, you’re engaged. Now you’re wondering what the heck do I do now?

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Decide what style you like

Today’s wedding photography like everything else comes in various styles. You have traditional which is more posed, journalistic which is more candid, and then you might have a blend of the two. When it comes to your formal pictures you might like the traditional, posed, look at the camera and smile look, a glamour/fashion look, or maybe something really artistic and more of a landscape look where the photographer takes in the beautiful surroundings and you are a small part of the pictures. Depending on your venue location, your personal taste and what the end use (album, wall art, etc.) these are all things to consider.

Decide what your needs are

We all have different needs. While one bride might want a nice, leather bound album as a keepsake, another might be a scrap -booker and want just the digital files. You might be more interested in something for your wall like a large gallery wrap or a wall grouping. As for the coverage, is getting ready important to you? Are pictures of the entire reception important? How about the family pictures? All of these considerations affect the hours of coverage. Allowing ample time to cover all aspects of your photography will mean more in terms of investment, but planning enough time will make your day much more relaxing.

Know your budget

Typically I find that my clients budget for photography is about 12-18{d88b940cb7f6a7a59fcf272843336cf4b651e195bc6618bfca01a70750c698cd} of their total wedding budget. Depending on how important pictures are to them it might be even higher. According to a recent article 27{d88b940cb7f6a7a59fcf272843336cf4b651e195bc6618bfca01a70750c698cd} of the brides said they would spend more on photography if they could do their wedding again.

Searching. The web is your friend

Use the web to search for photographers. By looking at websites you can get a feel for the photographer and their style. Choose a style that you like and if they have pricing or at least price starting points add them to your list. If there is no price listed and you love their work, add them to your list anyway.

How much? Is that really the only question? 254 Richardson

So you’ve never planned a wedding before, much less had to choose a wedding photographer. The only thing we know to ask is “How much?” It’s OK to ask for package and pricing information in your initial email but there are a lot of other things to consider when choosing a photographer. We suggest making an appointment to meet and discuss your wedding once you have narrowed your choices down to 4 or 5 photographers. A face to face meeting can reveal a lot of things (both positive and sometimes negative) that can help with your final decision. And remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

How many pictures?

We’ve heard it all… even that one photographer is going to deliver 3,000 pictures on disk. Really? Do you think that’s a good thing? Who wants to look at 3,000 pictures? It doesn’t take 3,000 pictures to tell the story of your day and you will go crazy sorting through that many pictures.

Websites. Do they tell the truth?

Let’s face it. Photographers puts nothing but their best work on their website. Sure, it’s impressive, but it might be a good idea to see more, make sure that the photographers you are deciding on show complete weddings on their websites, these are the photographers that have nothing to hide. When you meet with a photographer ask if you can see a whole wedding in an album. That gives you a pretty good idea what you can expect as far as quality, consistency & overall style. Did they capture the day without gaps? Did they capture the emotion? Did they capture the ambiance of the venue?

Have they worked at your venue? Does it matter?

A lot of people ask and think it makes a difference if a photographer has photographed a wedding at their chosen venue in the past. Does it matter? Yes and No. I am are pretty sure the sun rises and sets the same and that my equipment will perform as well at any venue. It’s about being prepared… Visiting the venue prior to the wedding and planning concepts and an outline for your photos. A professional photographer can take exceptional photos no matter the location.

What do others say?

Ask other people what their experience was with a photographer. Ask your friends or family members for their opinion or suggestions.

It’s a long day. Do you “Click”? Gooldland  189

You will spend more time with your wedding photographer than anyone else on your big day. That’s another reason I highly recommend you meet face to face. As human beings, our relationships are based on personal taste. We’re all different. While one person might find a photographer to be friendly and personable, you may not. If you don’t “click”, it’s going to be a long day and your uneasiness will show in your pictures.

Still undecided? Read on

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a big decision. You can go to the venue, walk the grounds, taste the food. You can sample your cake. But what’s it actually like to work with a particular photographer? Want to find out? For a limited time I am offering a “Try Before You Buy” engagement session. That’s right. Make an appointment, we get together and actually do a real engagement session. No cost, no obligation. We’re confident that you’ll not only love your pictures, you might just want to book us for your wedding. Call today to schedule your session – 01271 344480 or call into our studio at 51 Bear Street Barnstaple Devon.

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