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The Receiving Line

19th June 2013 by Alan Schofield

The Receiving Line

For all upcoming Bride & Grooms that would like a place to show off all the photographs from their wedding day taken by family & friends, have a look at The Receiving Line which is a web based application that allows couples to capture all their wedding memories along with their guests to easily upload photos directly from their smartphones and digital cameras. The application can be used with just a few clicks and there is no software or app. to download. Smartphone users are not likely to download an app they know they’ll only use once, even for a special occasion and couples run the risk of losing photos their guests take. makes it easy for couples and easy for their guests to show all the images of the happy day!

Why choose

  • It creates a single place to gather all the photos from your wedding events! (Showers, Parties, Rehearsal, Ceremony, Reception)
  • There’s no app to download
  • Guests don’t need an account to upload photos
  • You control privacy and sharing options
  • It’s cost effective

How much does it cost?

  • Our Introductory price is $74.99.

Do my guests need a smartphone to use

  • No! Guests can upload photos from any web-enabled phone, tablet or computer

How do we let our guests know to share their photos with us?

  • There are several ways to get the word out to your guests. You can send an invitation and instructions by email, facebook or twitter.

How do our guests share their photos with us?

  • From their web-enabled phone or tablet, they can upload pictures directly into your album by visiting the unique personal LINK or scanning the QR Code.

Can guests view or comment on photos in the album?

  • Yes! You and your family and friends can comment on each individual photo in your gallery.

Can I download my photos?

  • Yes

What if there is no cell or WiFi coverage?

  • No problem! Guests can continue to take pictures with their smartphones or digital cameras, and can share them with you once they are in an area with better network/Wifi coverage.

Once photos are shared to my album, can I share them back to my existing social networks (Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest)?

  • Definitely. You can share items directly to Facebook or anywhere else you choose.

Can I edit or delete photos from my album?

  • Yes!

How do I sign up?

Click Here

The Receiving Line

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